As indifferent as the rain – poem

This Island has no interest in me
It just lets me be

I generally need more attention though
so I have been treating it at length to the profounder depths
of my thought and prayer including
the future of the Church of England diocesan strategy the
immorality of the soul student loan schemes Brexit Global warming
God’s Will For Me and – on one occasion near the Lighthouse
the Doctrine of Divine Impassibility

But the oyster catchers teased me
The seals would not sit still
The stones refused to discuss anything

All you bring you must take back

This Island has not heard of the Observatory
Does not attend the wildlife talks
Does not even consider the grass of the field

Long ago this Island forgot even its own name

As careless as the wind
As indifferent as the rain
It just lets me be

And in this space
all things are found

July 17 Bardsey Island