I am a Spiritual Director

- also called Spiritual Accompaniment or a ‘Soul Friend’

the art of paying attention to God, calling attention to God, being attentive to God in a person, circumstance or situation.‘ Eugene Petersen  

‘Spiritual’: because it concerns the deepest centre of who we are  ‘Spiritual’ because the whole of life is involved. ‘Spiritual’ because it about faith, prayer and the search for God.

‘Direction’: because there is a journey to be made and a way to be discerned. We are all already on it somewhere, though it is easy to get lost or distracted – above all by religion. We need the discernment, wisdom and companionship of others on the way.

What am I seeking?

‘I need you to be: an eye and an ear, a hand outstretched, a mouth for the Gospel of God, a sponge, a sounding-board, a mirror, a Bible, an icon.‘   Philip Seddon

How it works. Patterns vary. I generally meet with people  every 2-3 months for up to 90 minutes.  

‘I can only fly freely when I know there is a catcher to catch me. If we are to take risks, in the air, in life, we have to know there’s a catcher’. This requires a radical letting go. You must let yourself be caught. The catching and securing is not something you can do for yourself. If you try to save your own life you will lose it.

Trust the catcher.’

from Henri Nouwen

What is Spiritual Direction?