DDO guide to current emergent, evidence-based selection & pathway criteria for Ordained Ministry

(latest revision since the er ... last one)

Ministry Selection criteria are about to be revised and experience shows this can lead to a lot of         confusion.

Here is a helpful summary of what we are presently using in Gloucester Diocese  

(subject to change)

About BAPs.

(Yes, I know, it still makes new candidates laugh but if you are going to be smutty I shall stop now).

Broad categories are:

   Soft top bap – for vocation to pastoral ministry

   Crusty bap – for those awkward, borderline candidates who  

                   may be prophetic (but are probably just dysfunctional).

                   Sometimes called sourdough.  

   Stale bap for ministry to old ways of being church.

   Fresh bap for church planting, pioneer & emergent ministries

   Mandated bap available with local ministry filling of your choice

                     These may be ordered over the phone. Free delivery within  

                      twenty mile radius of the Gloucester Cathedral Cafe.

If you remember, BAPs replaced (among other schemes) ....

COBs - Church Ordination Board


ROLLs - Recommending for Ordination to Limited Localities

Training pathways include …

BAGUETTE = Bishop’s Advisory Group

   for Underfunding  Extended Theological

   Training in Europe  (a joint EEC/ Diocese of

   Europe/University of Boulogne partnership)

PASTIE = Panel Advising Schemes that are Training Indiscriminately    

   Everywhere (Developed by Diocese of Truro in partnership with  

   University of Padstow. Also available as sandwich course).

FOCACCIA   - a controversial distance validated, local ministry initiative  

   delivered by the Fellowship of Continuously Argumentative Confessing  

   Christians In Agreement.  

Ordinations from this scheme happen without prior notice. The innovative feature of this course is that the entire Global Anglican Church - and Archbishop of Canterbury personally - receives all the lectures rather than the candidate.

CRUMBS = Churches Regionally Underwritten Ministry  

   Baguette Scheme (replaces the much maligned

   Churches Regional Assessment Panel but essentially the    


   Inspired by Mk 7.28 & based on leftover’s from other schemes

Then there are those exciting new fresh, emergent, intentional, resourcing, out-of-the-box pioneer ministry categories.

The latest is:

YEAST = Youthful, Extrovert And Seriously Transformative

    .... or something like that.  

also called PIZZA  (no one knows what this stands for but young peope really like them

This replaces the traditional DOUGH pathway

          (Dull, Old, Useless Geriatric, Humourless etc ...)

Finally .....

To ensure a better stocked pool of latent brilliance from which to choose  future leaders in the church, we are asked to watch out for those candidates showing evidence-based messianic potential (precise criteria still in preparation - but proven capacity for the miraculous -  multiplying loaves, raising the dead etc - is an advantage).

Pathways include:


     Central Recruitment Office Implementing

     Solution-Supplying, Anglican, Neo-ecclesial  



      Business Run Independently Operated  

      Cuality Hikes in Expertese   (tweaked from David Holgate with thanks)

'We break this bread - to share in the body of Christ'

Pizza ministry